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HELP NEEDED with Preamp information


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I picked up a "cute" tube preamp with an issue and can't find any info on it.

I need a schematic to run down an issue in the output circuit.

Any help identifying the company or resource for a schematic would be appreciated.

Brand: "Soundstage" model: Vacuum Two.

Pics to follow





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OK, I got the Soundstage preamp fixed. It was only the 2.2 ohm 2w resistor.
When I desoldered the burnt resistor one of the legs wasn't even soldered (SEE PIC) and I'm thinking that could have been the problem to begin with.
I replaced the resistor and have been playing it out about 3 hours now with no issue. Playing quiet and strong with both channels balancing out even.
Ok, I read the reviews on this unit and I'll have to agree with the "Bright" statement. It is edgy with the Russian military tubes in it. It's so harsh on top I didn't care for the sound of the preamp at all.
I didn't give up and put a pair of 6922 Tele's in it and it's a heck of a sounding line stage now. The "Nasty" came from the tubes. It's a good soundin preamp now and I did notice on this unit that IC's and power cords DO make a huge difference. So much a difference it's almost as noticable as rolling out the tubes. These are very basic and simple preamps with good heavy iron in them. Cosmetics are a forethought on these to help sell them. They're a solid chassis with decent components in them. I"m sure that the French Capacitors could be better but overall for the buck not a bad unit.




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