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OT: There may be a ray of light afterall

Tom Adams

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Reading this article gives me a bit of hope that the great Wal Mart Borg will not assimilate us all.


I don't mind going to Wal Mart 'cause in the dinky town I live in that's pretty much all there is. But if I can avoid them, I do. I just wish we had a COSTCO closer than 3 hours away. Interestly, a couple of times the wife has gone on a shopping hunt for a specific type dress and the last place she stopped was at Dillard's and dang if they didn't have exactly what she had spent the last 6 hours shopping for.


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I personally shop at Meijer, mainly because it's a Michigan based union represented store. I can sleep at night knowing that I didn't support unfair child labor practices in third world countries, along with the horrible treatment of the staff at their stores. Besides, I don't see a real difference in price, either.

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