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ProMedia 2.1s right side speaker input\output not working, help please!


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Hello all,

My 2.1s have worked perfectly for 6years. I have read quite a bit of the forum and this is not a problem I have read of yet.

A couple days ago i noticed one of my speakers lose complete volume, so i wiggled he speaker wires at the Control box input. Both speakers worked again. So i assume its the usual simple connection problem.

But now, I turned them on to play a game and notice my right speaker no volume again. The green light is on, the dials all work properly, the sub is loud as usual. So i open Winamp and play some MP3s, same thing, perfect sound except right speaker no sound. So i switch left for right speaker, now the left speaker doesnt work. So both speakers are fine and sub also.

I bring up my SB Audigy 2 sound controls and move balance but it doesnt go from loud to zero sound. It stays pretty much the same volume moving the balance from left to right. So i figure thats odd but i dont know what to do about it.

I have un-screwed the 8 screws and checked the boards and 2 fuses. Fuses are good, boards are all clean and nothing burned as far as i can tell. I used a flashlight, and checked pretty thoroughly.

So the next thing i want to try is the physical in\out connectors but it seems glued or some strange foam that im afraid to break.

Please let me know what is wrong or what i can try next!! I love these speakers and hate to imagine being without them.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Jonas,

Welcome to the forum.

Do your satellite speakers have the 3.5mm female jacks or are the speaker wires hard wired (wired directly to the speaker)?

(6 years old I would think they should be the 3.5mm female jacks).

I would have checked these (below) before removing the plate amp:

Have you checked your DIN cable connection to the subwoofer/amp assembly? Try removing and reseating CAREFULLY. These notoriously go bad; I had to replace one about 4 years ago. If you push in slightly and your sound comes back to both speakers.... bam.... you have found the issue. Replacement cables are available on Ebay (splice and solder) and even the whole module can be had at 1-800-KLI-PSCH.

Have you tried switching the speakers? If the right side does not work and you switch them; and the problem follows to the left side.... bam.... you have found the issue.... bad satellite or female 3.5mm jack has loose connection/ needs resoldering or replacement. Radio Shcak likely has a new female jack to solder in; or may need to resolder the old.

I would bet your issue is likely one of these 2 problems. (You say the amp looks good, no burns; etc).

I would also double check that the speaker wires are firmly connected to the spring clips......

Good Luck.

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Ironsave (and anyone else who can help)--

I'm not the best at diagnosing electronics, but this makes sense to me: If you switch the speakers and the problem follows to the other speaker, couldn't you then eliminate your DIN cable, both 3.5mm jacks male & female, and your speaker cable? Wouldn't the conclusion be that there's a problem with the output coming from the amp going to the satellite speakers??

My satellites get NO sound from either lower cone, and just a little bit of tweeter when wired to my right channel. My sub is as powerful as always, my DIN seems fine, and my circuitboards all look good. On the backside of the spring clips(on the inside of the sub) it looks a little brown, but it's probably my imagination because that seems like the most logical problem. My question is: are there bits inside the satellite output(the box with the spring clips) that can get blown out? I don't really understand the mechanics of how speakers blow out but I know my cones aren't torn and my fuses are good. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ironsave…. you saved me. i had the some problem. after rearanging my room and moving my speakers etc. one of my speakers wasn’t working. i had no clue what a din connection was. i also tested the right and left side and according to the subwoofer the right side wasn’t working. i looked up din connector and then found mine and one of my pins was way bent. so i tweaked it with some tweezers and eureeka my speakers work!!!!!!

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