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Muddy Dialog


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RF7s, RS7s, RC7 and RSW15. Running all in LARGE. Yamaha HT5490 receiver. Popped in Gladiator DVD today and was disappointed at the quality of dialog -- seemed muffled to me. Other ambiant sounds were excellent. Any thoughts? One issue might be that I have to position my RC7 about 12-18" BEHIND (and above) the TV due to room requirements.

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Hi richc. Is it doing this on this movie only? If not, try a SPL meter to set up your speakers. Very important little device. Also, Yamaha usually provides ample setting adjustments for speaker placement...(delay times , speaker distance etc...) Are you sure it's playing back in DD or DTS and not one of those DSP modes?

Sounds like adjustment stuff to me...........

Let us know how it goes....


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yes, try them all to large, ESPECIALLY the RC-7 and RS-7s.

Great speakers imo, but not candidates for a large setting. And yes, I know they are very large.


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cwm34.gif, I agree with my fellow posters, richc... especially since the RC-7 has a tapered array to limit muffled dialog potential and the 6.1 (dts) Gladiator is generally acknowledged as a good (if not better) sound mix.

With a sharp ear (and a dialog passage free of background noise) you can check out the RC-7's tapered array. The RC-7 has two woofers... one of which tapers off in the dialog frequency range... so if you put your ear close to the RC-7 you should be able to note if only one woofer is carrying the dialogue.

The setting of speakers to "LARGE" or "SMALL" should not affect the dialog frequency range... even for the tigers' "dialogue"!!!

Of course, Mikekid's suggestion that setting your system up with a good set-up disk and an SPL meter should always be the "first step" toward enjoying what you have. His notion that there may be something amiss in the "settings" arena.

Obviously, intelligibility of human speech is far more critical test of speaker clarity than are the wide range of acceptable ambient sounds. While the proximity of your RC-7 may affect the "anchoring" the sound to the screen, it is not likely to contribute to a muffled effect... unless it's covered with a sound absorbing Jacobean quilt made by Mrs. Fini!

Even the "bad Gladiator DVD" notion seems less than likely... even if it is the only "muffler" you have in your collection. But, when something this strange happens... everything becomes suspect.

Then again, you can always pay a visit to your friendly audiologist. cwm35.gif -HornED


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ed, i think it could affect dialog by overdriving the center w/ too much low bass. when the speakers straining on that it could effect the entire speaker dynamics.

it also effects the amp by overloading that channel. as we've said, when you free that amp channel of the current soaking low bass, it frees it up to do a better

job on reproducing much more dynamically those mids/highs.


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Agreed, Boa, that is why I am all for robust centers and mains set to "SMALL" and letting the sub do what it does best... low bass.

I should have included that, thanks for speaking up! -HornED

Wavey.gif PS: When I move to my new digs later this year, I will probably investigate some upscale bass management.

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