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RB 61 II


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hi guys, i have been looking around for some time now, at first really wanted RB 81s but now settling on 61 II's, not sure why but doesnt seem like theres whole lot of info/feedback on RB 61's, so here is my thing...

going to be my primary LR for everything i do on PC that is (music and some movie time, maybe games)

going to end up with 2.1 for now (sub coming some time later)

now how is the bass? deep? will it be too much with a sub later on?

now here is where im having much trouble, deciding on a decent receiver!!! so PLEASE HELP !!

was thinking about running it with Denon 2311ci (to be honest i do not know much at all about receivers so if RB 61 II's work better with something else feel free!!)

oh and im sorry for not being so educated just yet, and thank you !

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Hey Andrew, welcome to the Klipsch Forums. We're glad you're here. welcomeconfetti.gif

I think you would get a better response in the Home Theater Section. Especially about the Denon Receiver.

In the 2 channel section, a lot of us have Heritage Series speakers and 2 channel amps, etc... I don't have any experience with the RB61 II, but I've heard great things about them.

But, I did want to Welcome you and didn't want you to feel ignored. As I said, the HT forum is likely to have more experience with what you are asking.

I hope to see you around,


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