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  1. Thoughts and Prayers sent. Thanks for letting us know! Dennie
  2. Happy Belated 100th Birthday Valerie Klipsch... Dennie ...
  3. Thoughts and Prayers going out to Daddy Dee and his family. Dennie
  4. Happy Birthday Dave! Dennie
  5. Sold, Did you get this Dennie No, but the price was right! Dennie
  6. Thanks Erik, your opinion is in line with the reviews I've read from some very respectable reviewers. Thanks, Dennie
  7. Happy Birthday Steve, may you have many, many more! Dennie....
  8. Welcome Freespirit, we're glad you are here and it is nice to have another Lady here on the forum. We have a few and enjoy their input and experiences. It also keep us guys in line a little more. (wink) Those MC275"s have caught my eye plenty of times and I bet they are worth every penny they cost. They too are beautiful pieces of gear and have been loved by many. The McIntosh Reputation is undeniable and you really can't go wrong with their gear. If you have questions about which Pre/Pro, don't hesitate to start a new thread asking the Guru's around here there experience and opinions. They'll be glad to help and we truly believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people who don't ask questions. Dennie...
  9. OK it's your call, but I really can't see the downside of a few weeks free use of a tube amp. By the way, when I said Maynard built the amp I should expand that to let you know he designed the circuit based the specs of some transformers I had pulled from a console. He then put together a schematic and parts list, and ended up putting it on his bench after I screwed up the initial build. No downside Marty, I'm just not looking to get into tubes yet. I've got a few "projects" going on now that are taking my savings and demo-ing a tube amp now could change everything! LOL It may be something I'll consider in the future and that is the reason I'm asking for opinions on Prima Luna gear. Thanks everyone for there opinions and experience. I too wondered/worried a little when I saw their website, but the reviews keep coming in and are typically pretty good. That is why I ask for REAL experience from the people I trust. You guys and girls are the best! Dennie
  10. Thanks Marty, that is a very generous offer. But I will graciously decline, as I am not interested in getting into tube amps at this point in my life. I may sometime down the road and if I can't find any on the west coast, I will let you know. I'm just looking for opinions. Not amps. LOL As I keep seeing the ads for the Prima Lunas and have always wondered what people thought of them. The reviews seem very favorable and I think they are very good looking units. Dennie
  11. Thanks Jim, as I mentioned, I am not looking or wanting to get into tubes, but these caught my attention and I thought I would ask the experts. As for tube rolling, I've heard people complain about not finding the right tubes for their amp or a bad tube or etc. IF I were into tube amps, I could see how it could be fun and experimental. Just not something I've ever thought I would get into with my listening habits. It seems with the Prima Luna, everything is done for the owner. Auto Biasing, matched tubes, etc.. I should have been clearer in my OP, I am not looking to buy, but am open to opinions and experience. Dennie
  12. I have never considered getting a tube amp. Sure I thought they were interesting, but with "tube rolling", biasing, etc. it just seems like "work"! When I sit down to listen to music, I just want to listen to music. Although, when I saw these beautiful integrated amps from Prima Luna, I had to wonder if it is something I might want to try out. I typically see the ads in the popular magazines and have read some very positive reviews. So... Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Opinions on this brand/model(s)? Thanks in advance and Maynard, I am glad you got the "Tube" section you wanted and thought I would try and add something to it. Congratulations. Dennie
  13. i would say it a little diifrently----(tho i understand your point) i am dependent on opiods, and will become physically sick (withdrawal) without out them. that's all. depemndence can lead to illness without the meds,.bummer, but not hurting anyone but me. Joe blow is addicted to opiods, and will very likely be tempted to lie, cheat, steal, and do anything in his power to get more of them. addiction leads to behavior problems. addicts can be driven tyo crimes. i had a nationly reconized pain MD at UCLA explain this carefully to me 5 years ago. hes no dummy.LOL!!!!!!!!! Don't take this personally. It is not about YOU! LOL Dennie
  14. Mulching is the best, it returns the nutrients to the lawn and saves having to empty the bag! You can't really beat the Toro/Honda combo, but Toro switches engine manufactures and I take what they are offering at the time. I think my commercial Toro's have Kwai's on them right now. Work great! Dennie
  15. Those were the days! Good on fuel, too! Dennie
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