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Newbie Amp Question


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Ok, I'm looking for knowledge. Just bought my first Klipsch speakers, 1989 Forte II and I am proud. I am looking for opinions on a budget minded (couple hundred bucks) power unit. This is what I currently have. Harmon Kardon HK870 amp and HK825 pre amp (I have issues with both of these items so I have to bring them out for repair) and HK tuner, Nakamichi CD and Cassette Deck and Music Hall MMF5 turntable. I have the system in a den which is around 20x20. I mostly enjoy classic rock on vinly and some live recordings on cassette, I have a decent amount of CD's also.

Do I get the Harmon Kardon stuff fixed or look elsewhere? I have a guy a couple of hours away that has a SET Music Baby Amplifier which is double what I was looking to spend. I got a guy locally who has a a dirt cheap Pioneer SX3900 reciever. I know they are not in the same ballpark but am just looking for something that wil let me enjoy my Forte's. Thanks for any advice or ideas.

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I had the same HK combo. And I have a pair of Forte IIs I just modified. I purchased these new in the 80's

Depending on you issues the HK stuff might be worth fixing.

The HK870 power amp has been a pretty steady performer for me. my kid now uses it. The issues we had with it involved the POWER SWITCH. The final solution was to use an external power switch to power up and leave the amp on all the time. The switch is not replaceable and my service tech couldn't do any more for it. The switch is proprietary and they don't make a sub for it. The other most likelly issue would be the power supply, I've had no issues here, but I would think this area would lend itsself to easy repair.

The HK825 may be more problematical. Same issue with proprietary parts. When they're gone they're gone. My Phono switch went and I ended up selling mine on the bay for parts. My kid replaced it with a MAC C-26 that checked out OK.

Tuner and EQ are fine and dependable.

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