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Sub delay/phase confusion


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I can vary the delay (digital) to my sub via my Rotel Home Theater receiver.

I can only reverse the phase on my Rel subwoofer. I understand that some subs can continuously vary the phase.

My confusion concerns whether or not amplifier DELAY is the same thing as subwoofer PHASE. I want the sub to wait for the Khorn bass.

Thank you for helping me understand the difference.


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If you change the phase (switch from normal to reverse or 0-180), the woofer will push in instead of pushing out at a given "hit".

This is useful depending on your configuration and how the speakers are set up in your room.... The phase setting on my sub is a dial, but I have it at zero as this is where the bass becomes the most seamless.....

If you have a really big room, or a room with many reflections; the reverse phase can compensate for that...... (by actually being reversed, it will be in time better with the other speakers sound).

Using the delay will vary when the sub hits.... (higher delay= later).

They are 2 different settings; but both are used to accomplish similar results...... Getting your sub to produce bass that is in time with your mains, and not cancelling out with other bass frequencies.

In your case, I would use the delay to get it timed with your Khorns, and after you get this right, see which phase setting sounds better/ hits harder; etc......

Others may chime in with better explanation and advice.

The beauty is; if you document your original settings; it is really easy to switch back...... So experimantation is easy and no danger of losing anything.....

Good Luck!

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