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Which components should i add next to my RF - 62


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Hey Guys. I'm new here and i want to introduce myself. My Name is Sascha and i'm 26 yrs old and living in Germany and since last year a happy member of the "Klipsch Family" :)

i'm trying to get to the full 5.1 Klipsch System (RF62, RC62, RS62+Sub) as soon as possible and i'm asking which component would be the next logical step.

Currently i'm only in posession of the RF-62. They are connected to a Onkyo TX-SR508. The speakers are standing nearly 1.5 meters away from my listening position in a 10m2 "big" room.

I'm using the system for nearly 50% music(bass heavy music) 30% movies and 20% games

Should i upgrade to 2.1 first? Get a new Sub (had the RW-12D in mind). It would be oversized for the moment, but i'm planning to move to a bigger room in the future.

Oh yeah: Is it normal that i have to rise the bass to +6db at my AV-R that the RF-62 are picking up the bass? When i put my AV-R to +0DB i nearly don't have any bass with low/room-loudness volume.

Or maybe upgrade to 4.0 instead of the sub? Rears + Center?

Or maybe even changing the receiver, because it's to weak for the Speakers?

Hope you guys can help a poor guy from germany! :)

I stated this post over @ 2 Channel Audio, but one user suggested to me to repost it here, because it's more a Home Theater matter:)

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