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Monster XP with Reference 3s?


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I've recently updated my home theater from Klipsch Quintets and a KSW-12 to Klipsch Reference 3s (RF,RC,and RS) and SVS 20-39PCi. (I'm still running my Onkyo TX-DS595.) My question is whether the Monster XP speaker wire that I'm using is sufficient or whether I should look to upgrade the wire for the RFs and RC. Basically, the XP is going to stay for the surrounds because it's going to be too much work to make the change. What do you think? Will better wire make that much of a difference in the fronts, or is the XP OK to keep?

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You might search on "wire" or "cable" on this forum, and get a number of opinions on this topic. From what I've seen, the gereral opinion is that esoteric speaker wire is not required. Good quality OFC cable, 16 guage for short runs and 14 guage for longer runs, is sufficient.

I've got the RF-3/RC-3 speakers hooked up with Kimber 4VS Cable, but I didn't spend a fortune for it. Upgraded from good quality OFC braided cable (Audioquest), and couldn't detect any appreciable differences.

If I had a multi-thousand dollar amp/preamp combo, I might consider going crazy with wire and cable. However, my system, as is yours, is modest in comparison to some others out there. The cost/benefit of spending $5+ a foot on speaker wire just isn't supported, with my equipment, IMHO.

If you still want to upgrade, possibly for future equipment purchases, spend some time on Ebay, Audioreview, or Audiogon. You might find some reasonable deals on gently used cable that acheive your objective without putting a huge dent in your wallet.


Mike - Livonia, MI

Klipsch RF-3 L/R

Klipsch RC-3 Center

Klipsch RB-5 rears

HSU Research VF-2 Sub

Marantz SR-19EX receiver

Marantz MM-9000 Amp


Adcom GCD 700 CD

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