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Purchased a set of RF-7'S, ADCOM 5802 A GOOD MATCH?


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I had a strange experience with the RC-7. My RC-7 replaced an RC-3. With the RC-3 my room frequency response before correction (by an Audyssey EQ) was moderately flat from 50 to 150 Hz. There was about a 5 db broad "hump" around 100 Hz that the Audyssey equipment easily flattened. However, with the RC-7, installed in exactly the same location, with no other room changes, that broad "hump" went over 10 db. The Audyssey EQ helped a lot, though didn't fully correct it. I know this hump is a room mode issue, but I'm at a loss as to why the RC-7 excited it to a much larger extent than did the RC-3. I have to wonder if the RC-7 doesn't have its own peak in that area that just happened to aggravate the room mode. I think the RC-7 and RC-3 are 3-way speakers (or you might call them 2.5 way) where the second woofer cuts in only at the low end to extend the bass response. Maybe there's an issue with the second woofer crossover in mine. Anyway, this is my only issue with the RC-7. Other than this, I'm very happy with it as I was with the RC-3.

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Well an update, I received my rc-7 and love it. Except 1 grill peg was broken during shipping, easy enough to replace. Purchased a B&K 220m for the center which is excellent. Using my B&k 200.3 for the mains, and 1 class d sds 258 for the rears until my Bryston 4bst arrives. I went ahead and pulled the triggeron a very clean Bryston 4b st on Sunday and should be here on Wed. Will use that on my rf-7's, B&k 220m on rc-7 and the 200.3 on the rs-51's.

I am going to use the 2 sds-258's for a bedroom system i am going to build.

Was looking at Classe and Levinston 27.5, however the Bryston warranty leaned me towards it. Listened to Bryston back in 99 with some Chorus II'S back inIowa at a dealer i purchased my Adcom gear and Forte II's from. Really liked the clean , punchy sound. Hopefully if will mate well with my RF-7'S.

Modded the x-overs with new Mills resistors and Musicap film and foils and really like how it tamed the top end. Although the musicap's are huge, i found a way to stuff them in. Thought about doing the center channel, but it sounds great as it is.

Also ordered some Cardas binding posts for the 7's, the pure copper posts with no plating, Will direct solder the x-over connects directly to the Cardas posts and the speaker wires directly to the 10" drivers eliminating all of the connections possible.

Cant wait to hear the Bryston on the rf-7's!

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