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  1. I have 4 woofers from my klf-20's they are original in excellent shape. $50 each plus shipping. Shipping will be expensive to Norway. Packaging will have to be excellent to survive the trip.
  2. Just looking for some thoughts from anyone using these models. I just purchased a Bryston 4bst for my rf-7's and a 5bst for my rc-7 and my rs-52's. Replaced my B&K amps with the Brystons, Wow are the Brystons clean and the bass is awesome. I am running a Marantz AV7005, which is an awesome preamp for the coin, however would like better 2 channel performance. Any thoughts or comments from Bryston users about their SP series preamps would be welcomed. Thanks
  3. Thats the choice i made also, the Samsung 64-d8000 plasma. No regrets, awesome picture. I have watched a few movies on it in 3d, irs cool but it drives me crazy wearing the glasses.
  4. Well an update, I received my rc-7 and love it. Except 1 grill peg was broken during shipping, easy enough to replace. Purchased a B&K 220m for the center which is excellent. Using my B&k 200.3 for the mains, and 1 class d sds 258 for the rears until my Bryston 4bst arrives. I went ahead and pulled the triggeron a very clean Bryston 4b st on Sunday and should be here on Wed. Will use that on my rf-7's, B&k 220m on rc-7 and the 200.3 on the rs-51's. I am going to use the 2 sds-258's for a bedroom system i am going to build. Was looking at Classe and Levinston 27.5, however the Bryston warranty leaned me towards it. Listened to Bryston back in 99 with some Chorus II'S back inIowa at a dealer i purchased my Adcom gear and Forte II's from. Really liked the clean , punchy sound. Hopefully if will mate well with my RF-7'S. Modded the x-overs with new Mills resistors and Musicap film and foils and really like how it tamed the top end. Although the musicap's are huge, i found a way to stuff them in. Thought about doing the center channel, but it sounds great as it is. Also ordered some Cardas binding posts for the 7's, the pure copper posts with no plating, Will direct solder the x-over connects directly to the Cardas posts and the speaker wires directly to the 10" drivers eliminating all of the connections possible. Cant wait to hear the Bryston on the rf-7's!
  5. They were the ones for 1300, i offered him 900 and he acce3pted. Just got my grills in today, they are pretty much mint i small scratch on one side i repaired. Other than that they are like new. Rc-7 will be here on Thurs. I might know someone that i sold my ma500 to. He might be looking for some more, i will let you know. You like the rc-7?
  6. Youre right about the 7's having something special. Probably the difference between cones handling 750-1900hz where the horns take over on the klf's at 750. I have to give a slight edge to my klf's in the smoothness of vocals. Probably because of the outboard crossovers with the clarity cap mr's. Clarity cap doesnt make the right values for the tweeter circuit in the 7's, and they would cost more than the speakers to use them, once my resistors get here i am ready to tackle the tweeter circuit and they sould sound even better. B
  7. Thanks! I have been wanting a pair of rf-7s for a while now, but as you know i replaced so many other things i was patiently waiting for a pair to show up local. A pair showed up less than a half mile from my house and i pounced on them.Grill pegs were broken but i have a new set coming tomorrow. Just received my musicaps today for the tweeter circuit and i have no idea how i am going to stuff thwm in the x-over. Wow i thought my clarity cap mr's were huge on the klf's. I am sure i will make it happen. I purchased a rc-7 from flea-bay, overpaid for it but it looks very clean and i have never had a speaker like that shipped so i hope it arrives in good shape! Gotta say i love the rf-7's, honestly i cnat believe the sound of them. I thought my klf's were good! I see you have some monoblockks for sale also huh? What are you using for an amp now?
  8. I have decided to keep the class d amps, i have new mills resistors and musicap film and foils coming for the rf-7's. I have sold my rc-64 and purchased a rc-7 that i will put in mills resistors and musicaps to match the mains. I feel another class d mono build coming up for the center! I run a Marantz av7005 upgraded by the Upgrade Company and love the Audyssey setup for theater. I have all of the speakers crossed at80 and the sub at 120hz. When running 2 channel i only listen to pure direct, analog from Cambridge cd, the bass from the rf-7's is incredible, the highs are airy and detailed. If the caps and resistors make them smoother i should be in for a treat. Eventually i will build a stereo 250w class d for the rears to match the rest. Love the efficiency of the class d amps, and they dont tax my 20a designated circuit. Took a week to get used to listening to the 2 ways vs. my KLF-20'S In the end the rf-7's are very dynamic and accurate compaitively. Salute!
  9. I agree is ot horrible. Nothing is sorted like it used to be. I see its a beta test. Hopefully they makr the search more friendly.
  10. I understand about the sensitivity, every 3 db requiring doubling amp power and all that. I use a Cambridge 640cv2 that i have re-clocked, re-capped all of the electros with high quality caps, changed the regs to dexa discreet regs. And have actually bypassed the output stage pulling a lead right off of the wolfson dacs to a 1uf clarity cap mr straight out of the unit. As the wolfson dacs are current output, not voltage output dacs they have the current to send to my pre bypassing the opamps. Very clean, detailed and nuetral. I have a Marantz av7005 that i purchased from Dave at the Upgrade Company new that he did his shielding and damping treatment to. Excellent sounding piece. I have listened to several iceamps including BelCantos, Muranos, Hypex, and prefer the class d audio over the iceamps. Never really liked the smps in the ice amps. I built my sds258 monoblocks with oversized torroidal's at 600va each and capped the power supplys with Nichicon KG gold tunes. I really like the bass control, pinpoint imaging, and tubelike midrange of the class d amps. I was a little worried at first using them bridged with the 7's because of the impedance dips that so many talk about. After using them for a week i find they stay very linear, even at loud listening levels. I think i would put my class d amps up next to any on the market, and i think they will hold their own. Many people use the same modules and do some mods or tweaks on the iceamps including input trafos which to me makes them sound too rolled off in the highs.
  11. I just had the opportunity to purchase a 5802 and was checking to see what experience poeple may have had with them. I have owned a lot of different adcom gear 15 years ago and had a 5800 on some Forte ii's that sounded good. I hooked up my b&k 200.3 to my rf-7's and while it sounds great i prefer the class d audio monos i built. I have listened to the ice asp 1000's and prefer my class d audio sds258, they are quality units and i dont like the rolled off sound of the iceamps. I am not looking for a ton of power per say as i dont listen to it that loud. Just looking for an excellent 2 channel amp to go with my new 7's. The class d will drive these into tomorrow without even breathing hard. I had an active bi-amp setup with these driving 4 channels at 250w then i bridged them to see the difference and preferred them bridged. Really deciding to build another mono class d amp for center and another for the rears. I have a 15wpc ecl82 tube setup in my 2 channl room with klf-20's that drives them very well. Really just figuring out what i want to do for the theater system. Actually i was looking at either the Parasound halo 5 channel a51, or the a53. 125 per chnnel would be plenty for home theater, I just always liked having the headroom 250wpc amps. Make sense? Good replys and thanks for the responses!
  12. I have only listened to the 7's with a b&K 200.2 that is in my brothers system. I would like to stay under 2k used, havent heard the Krell or Parasound. I guess i should hook up my B&k 200.3 and see how they sound. I have been looking for a 200.3 for a while with no avail. The 7;s sound great with the class d's its just when really cranking them you can tell the load on them seems to start making the highs seem very bright if that makes sense. Of course that is at insane listening levels that no one would realistically listen at. Thanks all!
  13. Just purchased a set of Original RF-7'S and was wondering if anyone is using a 5802 to power theirs. I currently have a pair of class d audio sds258 monoblocks. I have these bridged mono at 1000 watts each into 8 ohms. I am looking for a good 2 channel amp that can handle the impedance dip of these. Considering a Parasound a21, Krell ksa250, B&k ref. 2220 or an adcom 5802. Anyone with input is appreciated. The class d amps make them rock, but at fairly loud levels they become a bit harsh. Considering the crossover upgrade using some Clarity cap mr's like i had in the klf-20's they replaced.
  14. Just installed the Clarity Cap Mr's on the midrange circuit on my KLF-20'S last night. Any one else have experience with these? I had the Sonicaps first. Sounded kind of thin, flat. Then the Clarity cap sa's. Liked them much more, more expansive sound stage however too much on the warm side with a slight lack of transparency. Swapped for the Clarity cap esa's and had the same tone with t touch more transparency. Great caps for the money, never thought i would spend more than that for boutique caps. Until my hobby got the best of me wondering how the Clarity cap mr's actually sounded. Mr's are expensive little buggers coming in at 170 for the mid circuit alone. Initial listening is that these caps are worth every penny. I just cant believe how these have transformed my mids. The vocals are so (for lack of the correct audiophile terms) clean, clear, dynamic and sound like the singer is right there. No grain in the vocals, smooth, detailed and very natural sounding to me. Just thought i would share my experience if anyone is contemplating the purchase of these. Unfortunatly i need a total of 8 for the tweeter circuit. Ouch that ones going to hurt. I have crites titaniums in the tweeters. Have a great day!
  15. I recently biamped, i was checking to see what the ohm load would be for the woofer section. I have 2 250wpc class d audio amps i built. I figured if the mid high section and the low section seperated were 16 ohms each, that would essentially cut my amplifier power in half, if both togethor with jumpers connected it would see an 8 ohm load. Trying to figure out how to get the best amplifier power. I bridged my amps this morning and am running monoblocks at 500 wpc and everything sounds much better than bi-amped. Bass is a lot better and they just seem smoother. I have external crossovers that i built with 12ga air core inductors, crites autoformers andd clarity cap mr's that i just installed on the mids. Clarity cap esa's on the tweeter section until i can purchase the mr's on the tweeter circuit. I have been messing with active bi-amping with a rane mojo mx22 with the inductors removed from the woofer section and leaving the caps and autoformer for the mid-high section. Rane's signal to noise is horrible, bass was excellent but the mid highs didnt blend in right, 24db slope on the rane then the croccover for the mid high. Just didnt sound exactly right after listening for a while. Took out the rane and just passively bi-amped from my Marantz av8003 to the class d's. Started thinking about the impedance of each section, essentially if the woofer section was 16 ohms it would be cutting my amp power in half, same with the mid-high section. Decided to bridge and tie the woofer section to the mid-high section. Tons of power and very smooth. Bi-amping is ok, however i belive it takes alot of tuning and possibly an eq to achieve a perfect setup. Too much electronics in the chain. Less is more i believe after experimenting for a while. Really need to triamp with a marchand x-over and get rid of the whole passive i believe to do it right. But thats another 1500 bucks and cant justify it. Thanks for the replys!
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