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RF3ii vs RF5 vs RB5


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I am trying to find the real differences between RF3ii and RF5. I looking to buy a complete system but I do not see $200 a speaker difference. On the same type of question, excluding the 2-speaker difference, can you tell me how the RB5 fits in? I can not hear real differences.

Your input is truly appreciated.

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the 5 series tend to be smoother, they also have more presence and ease at higher volumes, but that will only be really useful if you have a big room.

other than that, there is the choice of finishes, which is kinda nice. and they're bigger.

the tweeter seems to be a different unit and the horn is bigger, however the components look very similar. in our store's small listening room, I could only hear a small difference, nothing that would explain the price difference (admittedly the cabling is kinda bad). I really really like the ref series in cherry though, so that may be a factor, as the ref 3's are only available in black. the rb-5 bookshelves should have the same sonic signature as their tower RF-5 counterparts, the size difference will be quite a disadvantage however.

I'd go for the ref-3s. actually, I will.


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What Seb said. I would say the RF5 is not a good value. The RB5 and RF3 are so much better unless everything was free. The RF5 is also more laid back then the RF3, but I do not like it as much.

The RB5 and RF3 have the same drivers. I like the RF3 more, but the RB5 is also very good.



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