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  1. I should post this someplace else, like the "Car audio forum," but the people at HTF and klipsch seem nicer, and smarter.(MOSTLY) I drive an 87 Honda civic. I bought a Panasonic head unit (the 402) and will install myselfe it in no more then 7 days. The front speakers are Factory 3.5 inch two way's. I'm thinking of starting out with a sub. I would like to put it on the floor, behind the drivers seat, (or both seats) so it's harder to see, and I won't have my windows smashed and subs stolen! I can put then in the back anyway's. I would then add new speakers at the front. My questions are: For $500 CDN or less, how can I get bass That hit's hard, deep, sounds good, and doesn't take up a lot of space. I would like that to include the Amp... Also, what else would you recommend for new speakers? I Liston to mostly rock and rap.Im thinking of small Infinity's or MBquarts at the front. One day I'll have an Audi A6 with a 6speed and full dynaudio set up. For now, I don't want to spend too much money. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any advice you may give
  2. Has anyone tried this?? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  3. As far as I know, you can't paint the Black RF3's. But what about the parts express VINYL LAMINATE?? This might work? http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&User_ID=8239302&St=6763&St2=63668540&St3=36762886&DS_ID=3&Product_ID=118202&DID=7 Anybody try using this stuff??? Mabey it's crap, I dunno! Mabey it's great. Mabey I'll try it. ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  4. xXx Sounds great! Best sounding movie I ever heard. Killer Bass! The only movie that has impressed me with sound anywhere but my own system. I WILL buy it. A great new Demo! ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  5. Really? Mabey some CD's were bad. My friends with the CD all agree that it sounds bad. What audio systems are you playing it on? If it's your computer you may not even notice. I don't have a "high end" system, but it's good. Denon 2802 and Klipsch RF3II's. ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  6. Don't DVD player's sound harsh with CD's?? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  7. Could someone buy the Klipsch REF. 8 inch bass drivers and put them in the car? (Instead of the 5inchers most people have) And "improoved" horns of the promedia. (smoother, louder, better) Polk and infinity make car audio. Dynaudio, JMlabs (focal), JBL..Why not Klipsch??? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  8. Hybrid Theory is OK. It sounds like crap. Why does that CD sound do damn bad?!? Music from a lot of bands would be better if it didn't sound SOOO bad. Sum41, Blink182.. Eminem has got a lot better with the third CD. Smarter. I love it! Any word on a new Metallica CD? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  9. What's your high end system?? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  10. The KSW15 is not a very good sub IMO. Did you try other subs in your price range? A much better sub for a good price would be a Paradigm PW2200. Mabey SVS? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  11. I was at "Audio5.1" in Edmonton yesterday. I heard the Klipsch RF3's on tubes. NuVista tubes. "MUSICAL FIDELITY." It sounded great. Even Metallica sounded awsome. I had no idea! Tubes rock. If only I could get sound like that for less.. ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  12. ^ Anyone? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  13. Are these cables any good? (Speaker cable) Are they really, "More then just cable?" Im thinking of adding these to my RF3's. The lower end ones. I want it to improve 2ch sound. Thanks for any help! ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
  14. Have fun with the new RF3's! (I love myn) Now you may not like the SB2, but you should try the RB5. What kind of cables are you using? ------------------ Matthew Klipsch Rocks
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