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k53-k52-k57-k61 - are there any differences between these drivers


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It seems like the k 53 has more negative reactance or more chamber area than the K-52.  I am suspecting that when the k701 used in conjunction with it has a higher efficiency, narrower bandwidth, or just a higher center frequency  and its low end is being extended with the higher chamber volume. Even just to hit a 700hz crossover while remaining flat.


A k 33 15" woofer tends to be a couple db higher in efficiency than the k 22 when used as a direct radiator. I would therefore expect that 2 to 3 db less attenuation would be needed for a k601 to match it, provided it was maintaining the same overall efficiency as the 701. The motors might also be magnetized to different tesla values.  I can do a spectrum analysis on both drivers each using both horns.  But I dont have an anechoic chamber.  How ever a difference should be notable

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