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lascala - heresy fibreglassing


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I was looking for the best way to fibreglass lascala and heresy cabs - I cant find any thread showing this process - are the cabinets all lined with fibreglass cloth and covered - then painted- or is there another easier way to do it - tx

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I have only seen photos and never seen one in person

but the fiberglass looks like chopped strand mat that is wetted out in place

with a catalyzed resin. I don’t know if the resin had the black pigment mixed

with the resin or if the cabinets were sprayed black after they were glassed. I

believe I have read that only the sides, tops, bottoms, and backs were glassed flat

and the corners were covered with the alloy trim, in other word they did not

wrap the mat around the corners to try and form the 90 degree corners. Fiberglass

does not bend at 90 degrees easily and is a total pain it the but t to try to

make it do that.

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I tried this with an old set of Heresies and botched them up real good. Never could get it right. Mixing the resin is tricky and the small batches needed to do 1-2 sides of a pair of cabinets at one time nearly impossible imho. I ripped the front edge off, rounded off all the corners and tried using the mat (not the random but the square weave- big mistake). Klipsch actually used two types. Early models were laid up with the random lay cloth and goop, later they used a 'chop gun' which I guess dispenses both strands and epoxy at the same time. The first type looks glossier and is very waterproof, the second looks somewhat dry or matte and possibly porous to some extent. I've got photos I'll post but must go collapse for a couple more hours.

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old-school rockers know how to 'lay up' a road case (trunk style) with 'glass. Typically they goop the whole cabinet, lay down cloth, regoop. Then they put a strips 4-6" wide over all the edges to really reinforce them. I've seen a ton of old boxes done this way but never seen the process. I understand that's some very nasty stuff. Highly recommend just looking up a nice pair of the already-coated types unless you really know what you're doing. A couple years after botching that pair of Heresies (which really killed me to dispose of)- I had MCM1900 (owned two sets refurbished and sold one, kept the other a shop system [grins])

, LSI (multiples), HIP (2 pairs) in BG style as well as KP 201, KP250, KP301 in pro dress. They're out there, don't even have to look very hard.

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