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Thanks Everybody! New Cornwall Owner

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A couple weekends ago I went and picked up some used Cornwalls. This was my first Klipsch speaker purchase, I had been using my Dad's Rf-7's with my Ma6500. They are from '74 and was purchased from a woman who had recently lost her husband, he bought them new in '74, and wanted to get rid of them. Things couldn't have gone any smoother. I was sorry for her loss and she said he would have been happy to know they were going to another audiophile!

I wanted to say thanks to all you guys on the forum here for all your help. I have been getting on regularly for years here but I never post anything. I have learned a lot from you guys. I know my speakers are 74's thanks to you guys. I know my speakers are walnut lacquer thanks to you guys. And I know to contact Bob Crites for new caps (something I will be doing as soon as my semester wraps up) thanks to you guys.

Also for those who are interested I have been A/B-ing the Rf-7's with the Cornwalls and it has been very interesting! The 7's are a decent bit clearer and the bass response seems to have a bit more impact than the Cornwalls. The Cornwalls have a much warmer feel to them and seem to have a bit more detail in the highs, though the highs are a little more muddled and are quieter. I'll be interested to see the differences replacing the caps will cause. Right now my preference between them switches back and forth from song to song. They both are great! But together, the Ma-6500 can run two sets at the same time, WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing!

Thanks again everybody! If you have any comments concerning the replacing of the caps, i.e. what you have noticed specifically in terms of bass, mid., and treble response, clarity and detail, I would love to hear them!

Best Luck,

Joseph Gibson

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Congrats on your Cornwalls! They are an awesome speakers, and will serve you a long time. That was cool you were able to use your dad's RF-7's they're an awesome speaker as well. My main setup is based around my RF-7 II's atm and I love them. However, I still have my Chorus II's for my music listening, there's just something about the Heritage line that is magical to me, and I don't think I'll ever not have at least one heritage setup in my home.

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Just anothah satisfied customah[H]

Once you get the new caps you will hear further refinement in the Cornwalls. The mids and highs will be more crisp and clear. The older alnico drivers of that era have a certain warmth or "hue" to them that I really like - and while the tweeter only goes to 17K it has a softer presentaton that I like as well. That said, they will be improved with fresh caps. Those old style caps do have a certain sound at moderate volumes that can be very alluring too (and I have a set of Bob's Motorola style A/AA rebuilds for just that purpose), but in the overall I think they benefit with fresh new networks for best total performance.

Bass on the Cornwalls is of a different character than the RF7s. The Cornwall bass is deeper yet with good punch - but the RF7 is even more punchy, especially in the 60hz area. I like the Corns for 2 channel apps, yet I can certainly appreciate the RF7, especially in a theater setup with matching sub. I like the Corns better standing alone.

Good amp driving them....so I guess after the recap your ears can pretty much do the rest.

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Thanks for the responses! Sorry for the huge paragraph before, I didn't realize that hitting 'enter' didn't insert a line break.

I had imagined that the detail and clarity would be improved by replacing the caps but it is good to hear that from someone else too (I'm also replacing the gaskets which I think will help some too). Has anyone noticed any change in bass response from replacing the caps?

Audible Nectar, I haven't noticed much difference in terms of how low one pair plays in comparison to the other. They seem pretty close to me, though the Rf-7's are rated 6hz lower. My ears also confirm what you said about the punch in the bass for the Rf-7's.

Best wishes to all you guys!


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