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"New" Klipschorn?


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The products page has a "new" sticker next to the Klipschorn. I understand that the production of the K-horn was suspended for some degree of redesign, so I am wonder what is "new" in this interation. As Paul quoted (I think it was Emerson) "The excellent is new forever".

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Thanks. The new crossovers are at 450 and 4500 Hz, a little surprising since most reviewers (of the prior incarnations of the K-horn) note that the midrange horn really takes over from the woofer about 250 Hz or so. Is the difference in sensitivity is +1.5 dB or - 1.5 dB? Is the tweeter still the T35, or is this a Klipsch-unique version?

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The new tweeter is made with the T-35 tooling, but since E-V quit making it years ago, it shouldn't be considered a T-35.

The sensitivity is -1.5 dB.

After the change to the K-55-?, the nominal crossover point has been 400 Hz. I doubt the squawker could take over at 250 Hz when the horn's cut-off is 263 Hz. However, since the crossover slope was 6 dB/octave for most models, the squawker would certainly be active well below 400 Hz.

I think 4500 is a better upper frequency limit for the K-55-X (aka K-55-V rev 2).


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