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BBX Phono Stage Problem


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I've had a JM BBX for some time and just recently, in the last few days, tried the phono stage. Records play great for a few minutes then the volume drops down signigicantly out and everything distorts. After than every once in awhile it will clear up some, usually on louder passages, but its not right.

I'm using a new Rega RP3, Elyse II cartridge.

All the line stages work fine and sound superb.

Can anyone offer any advice and point me in the right direction?

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First, I have no experience with JM or the BBX. Having said that, its possible that the phono stage has a battery to apply bias and reduce noise. If so, that would most likely be the culprit. Also, check to make sure the phono tubes are securely seated and the phono IC connections are tight.

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i ordered these tubes from dougs tubes, then remembered that i had the same tubes in an intergrated Jolida 102b.

it had two AT7's and an AX 7 so i put those in the BBX.

about halfway into the second track, the sound volume dropped down and distorted, same as before.

i'm scratching my head...

mark, anything else i should look at?

would a bad cartridge act in this manner?

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