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  1. Audio has been a journey for me that started in the 70's and continues today. When I was younger I wanted the high dollar solid state units that were available in stereo shops all across America. I was young, broke and had higher priority things on my plate. Fast forward 30 years and I stumble across audiokarms.org. I find a vintage 70's Marantz receiver that I lusted after in my youth, I continue reading about audio and tubes and horns pop up on my radar.. I purchase a pair of used Heresies , not good enough, purchase a pair of LaScalea's, not good enough, purchase a pair of K-horns..... Upgrade the crossovers along the way (Crites, DeanG and Klappenbergh crossovers in the LaScalas) Purchased a pair of NosValve VRD's and a JuicyMusic BBXtreme preamp...... along with a SOTA TT and a tubed CD player Suddenly recordings (bad) become very evident............ So I start listening to recordings on the stereo..... looking for better recordings all of the time......I've reached the point of no return. Going to have to spend a lot more money for small gains in sound......... ugh.......... Fast forward 10 years when I start becoming critical of how my stereo sounds, it's time to listen to new music...... there is so much good music, old and new to listen to that I will never hear it all.... Am I a music lover or an audiophile? Yes.......In no particular order!!!!!
  2. I have heard their room at Audiokarmafest before and they were good. I like what they have done to the Denon 103R cartridge though. http://www.zuaudio.com/phono-cartridges
  3. At an audio show in Detroit several years ago, a vendor was selling pixie dust power cords for hundreds of dollars. Mr NOS Valves took a voltage reading at the wall outlet in his room and found that the voltage was low.... Dirty power in the hotel provided a way for the vendor to put his power supply and power cord to use and show a difference in sound...... I'm totally skeptical of these claims and it was proven at least this one time that there needed to be low voltage in the purchase power for these items to be effective!
  4. Nailbender, I too live in Cheyenne and also have a BBEXtreme! It needs work also. I need to get it to Mark, I just am afraid to send it in with a shipper.....
  5. Michael, on my older Mac Mini, I use the firefox browser and have no problems.
  6. Ok, then try this. Turn your back to the speakers and read a magazine, book or surf the net. while playing familiar music. Give it at least one or two cds worth. Turn around only when something grabs your attention. If that doesn't happen at least once or twice in 30 minutes, it may be wrong. Its a lot like listening with your eyes closed only your mind is on something else and your subconscious ear takes over and only notices the extraordinary. Hope it helps. I totally agree with this. When I start getting restless about how my system sounds, it signals to me that it is time for new music. Not to offend anyone but when I moved on from the typical classic rock (that I am soooooo sick of) and started listening to music that was new to me, it again became about the music not the stereo. I have confidence that my equipment is very good. I have to keep in perspective that it IS about the music!
  7. Mark Denneen (sp) the retired owner of JM is a member of the Klipsch family. He will be able to assist you.
  8. From Boulder Colorado http://www.kbco.com/main.html
  9. I just saw this Deano, Rosalie and I will keep you in our prayers.
  10. I was at AudioKarma Fest in 2005 and Craig (NosValves) had 3' lotion bottles from the hotel under the fronts of his LaScalas and it made a huge difference. I went home and made some risers almost identical to the risers under Heresys and as I said, the sonic difference was huge especially in the bass dept......
  11. Having your amps redone by Craig IS worth the shipping, cost and risk!
  12. Very nice! what is the name of the track that's playing? Sounds good!
  13. Hope you had a great one Craig! Hows Cali Tom? Here's hopin for a Wing's win tonight![]
  14. I built this antenna for less than 7 dollars and it works awesome! http://www.tvantennaplans.com/
  15. I seen them live at Twist and Shout Records in Denver Co about 5 years ago. They are great and Gabriela is wayyyy easy on the eyes! They autographed my CD. Very cool!
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