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  1. Price drop.
  2. Shameless bump. Willing to take offers.
  3. Shipped today! I'm sure Josh will enjoy it! I'll miss the remote.
  4. Sold to Joshnich pending payment confirmation!
  5. Shameless bump. Is the price out of line?
  6. I would be interested in a good turntable in trade. Brian
  7. Look at my BBE.
  8. Inside picture.
  9. Juicymusic Blueberry Extreme with remote in walnut dovetail cabinet. No LOMC. $1200obo PayPal, USPS money order or cash. Located in Cheyenne Wyoming. Thanks for looking, Brian
  10. Pair of Atlas PD-5VH drivers with wire leads. About 8 years old. No issues. $120
  11. How much?
  12. To all, Due to little interest in the Cornscalas, I am taking everything out of the garage sale except the Jolida tube CD player since I labeled it sold. I will build a music server and if Davis419b is still interested in it I will sell. Sorry for the inconvenience to all who are interested in other items. Brian
  13. Some pictures of the Juicymusic Blueberry.
  14. Some pictures of the VRDs.
  15. Modified initial post. I can ship everything except the Cornscalas and the rack. I may not accept payment or ship components until I sell the Cornscalas so that a buyer can hear them in action. Brian