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Sold - Emotiva UPA-7 in Phoenix $550 + shipping - Sold


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Selling pretty much my entire setup as I am known to get bored with things quickly. I've owned most of these pieces about three years, except the sub which I acquired about a year ago, with all of them I am the second owner. While in my posession they were in a small 11x12 dedicated media room and used maybe 10-15 hours a week, never pushed very hard since it was such a small room. Cosmetic condition is very good to excellent on everything. I had one dust cover pushed in on an RF-7, so I replaced it with as close to a replica as I could find from parts express. I also bought a backup woofer in case I destroyed the original, although the backup also had a dust cover pushed in when I bought it. Prices are as follows, somewhat negotiable but I'm in no hurry to sell as I don't need the money just looking to move on, would prefer to sell locally and will definitely not breakup up the Klipsch gear.

Sold - Reference System: $2,000 for 5 speakers, extra woofer, cables (front stage is cherry, surrounds are black) - Sold

sold - SVS Subwoofer: $1,000 (has the older BASH amp) - sold

Emotiva UPA-7: $575 (warranty valid until 6/22/2015) - sold

Yamaha RX-V2600: &250

Pictures can be found here:


I might also be willing to negotiate delivery with gas money paid up front via paypal, especially to the midwest as I wouldn't mind visiting family in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I'm located in the west valley, about 15 miles west of Phoenix.

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