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Pro Amp Limiter Settings for Subwoofers?


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I wish I knew how to ask this question in a more informative way but, I don't have much knowledge about this subject. I have 2 Chase SS 18.1 passive sealed subs on a Berhinger I Nuke 3000 DSP amp in bridge mode. What should the limiters be set at? The subs power ratings are 800/1600 RMS/peak. The amp is seeing a 4 ohm load and the power rating is 1520/3000 watts at 8 and 4 ohm bridge mono. In the DSP I can plug in the ohm load of 4 or 8 and have an attack and threshold control. The LPF is at 200 Hz with a 24 db slope and the HPF is off since the subs are sealed. Any guidance is greatly appreciated, thank.

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Here are the numbers from their site:

done in our Pennsylvania Factory.

SS-18.1 Subwoofer - SpecificationsType: Sealed, single driver, passive subwoofer system
Frequency Response: 21Hz – 100Hz +/- 5 dB (Using the Dayton Amp and the bass boost switch is ON)
In-room extension (room and placement dependent):
15Hz or lower
  • One 18”, 8 ohm driver
  • X-Max (not X-mech) is 1.5 inches peak to peak
  • Fs is 19.4 Hz
  • Power handling is 800 watts RMS
  • Sealed, passive, front-firing (no grille)
  • 1" MDF
  • 2" thick, MDF, front-firing baffle
  • Countersunk driver
  • Slightly textured, matte black finish
  • Dimensions: 23" H x 21" W x 21" D
  • Weight: ~75 lbs

These are my current setting for the Limiters:

db fs -0.5

vp 160.5

watts 3220

ohm 4

hold 200 ms

release 400 ms

I am running in bridge mode for the two sub and the amp should see a 4 ohm load. The subs are 8 ohm. Concern for the drivers arose when Craig sub from Chase said use limiter with no explanation. In stereo this amp delivers 440/820 watts at 8/4 ohms. The limiters should keep me safe???


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