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Placement of Surround 75 W vs 100/125W & Angle


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For a 7.1 Home Theater setup, if I have RS surround speakers that are 75W & 100W or 125W, should I place the more powerful 100W or 125W speakers at the Surround Side locations or the Surround Back locations?

Due to windows, openings, etc, I have to place the SR surround side and surround back speakers at almost 10' high. Should I cantilever forward the RS speakers off the wall to point directly to the seating locations? Or will the sound quality and power, even at this height, be great enough not to worry about it? The total ceiling height of the room is 20' high. The area of the room is 15' x 20'. If I should cantilever them, are there any good looking brackets out there that can do this?


(1) Onkyo Receiver 7.2 TX-NR1010 140W/ch

(1) Klipsch Center RC-25 125W

(2) Klipsch Front RF-25 125W

(2) Klipsch Surround RS-25 75W

(1) Paradigm Subwoofer PW-2200 12" 250W

Going to add soon:

(2) Klipsch RS-__ 100W or 125W

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Most of us do not have perfect rooms. I have used surround that high for sometime and like them at 9-10 ft. Most people will tell you they should be 2-3 ft. above the listener. The RS models are made to be wall mounted flat but, many forum members use bracket and angle the speaker down. That is a must for bookshelf speakers. It sounds like you have a very large space to fill. Welcome to the forum. You may need several good subs if the system is for HT.

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75W & 100W or 125W... it's almost the same; don't worry about it.

Yes, angle your surrounds down, maybe just above head level at the main listening position. One innovative way you'll find on the forum is the use of large hinges (to get the angle you want) and chain (to hold the angle).

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Welcome to the forum!

What PSG is saying is that a speaker with 100 watts being cranked into it isn't actually going to be very much louder than a speaker having 75 watts pumped into it. It takes twice the power to make a 3db increase. It takes 10 times the power to be perceived as twice as loud. Yes, it would take 750 watts to sound twice as loud as 75 watts using the same speaker.

The difference between 75 watts and 125 is about 2db. Hardly perceptible. That can easily be adjusted with a modern receiver.

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