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higher bitrate mp3s??

seriously, .wav files are CD-quality (when well ripped), since they are NOT compressed at all. But you won't be able to tell the difference between a well-encoded, high bitrate mp3 and the original CD anyway, so...

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Whats the best mp3 ripper then? (free would be good) Anyway, in my testing I can tell the dif between even 320 kbps and a CD. I have a minidisc player and it sounds better then 320 kbps too. The format for minidisc is atrac3, is there anyway to get that for a computer?

The difference I notice is how loud I can crank the speakers w/out pain from trebble peaks, and general dynamics are also better. Quiet sections on cds and minidiscs are also quieter then mp3s (less hissing/background noise).

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Hey Dman, I quite using MP3s a while ago. Since harddrives are so cheap now, there really s no reason to convert to mp3 unless you are downloading/uploading/using a portable player. I can also tell adifference between a 320 mp3 and cd/.wav files.

I'm not sure about the minidisc format, don't have one. I do remember a minidisc drive for the PC some time ago, but I'm not sure if it's still available. Or even if it was available here in the states.

As far as rippers go, I used AudioCatalyst. Seemed to give the best results with my hardware. It depends a lot on your cdrom/dvd drive/computer spces. My suggestion is to try the demo versions of several rippers, then buy the full version of the one you like best. AudioCatalyst may be the choice for your system, but I can't make a blanket statement.




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Does anyone use real jukebox? I use it, but only for the list capabilites. Jukebox lets you arrange the play list all kinds of ways, but its a crappy program. Are there any all in one programs that rip, decode, have good sound quality, sound controls, and play list capabilites?

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Seb, I can't get your link to work. Whats up with that?

Kimber, does musicmatch have good list management tools?

Also, did anyone see last months issue of Sound and Vision? They did a codec test in there, but I only heard about it, I didn't read it. What were the results? All I know is they said mp3 was the lowest quality code format and Pearl Jams Daughter sounded like crap on mp3.

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-The link should work, I just tried it and it works on both my puter and my girlfriend's... Don't know what's up with that.

-Dman, I read that issue quite some time ago, i only remember the general test conditions, but I don't know what bitrate they used, or what ripper/encoder. Besides, mp3 is still the way to go since it's so popular. And if you really want quality, why not just buy the album??

-I don't know about musicmatch... Don't think the quality's really up to par. It's practical, granted, but...

-Hofy, I still have crappy Koss headphones, but I plan on buying me some Sennheiser soon. That is, when I can get ahold of some money... Doh!!!

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