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MC33079 Op amp upgrade to TL084 or better

The Dude

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I have been looking at doing some mods or trying the mods that Mdeneen have done to a Crown D45, as this post here.


One of the questions that have came up is, is there a better replacement for the original mod or Op amp that was replaced. The original is a MC33079, the update per the mod was a Texas Instrument TL084. Here is some data on the 2.



I believe they are both quad amp op amps, or what ever that means. There are some recommended replacements for the TL 084 which one is a TL 074, but I think someone advised against it. Anywho I was talking to Dr. Who and he himself are looking over the schematic to see exactly was it going on. But wanted to go to the threads as well to see what other ideas pop up. Here is the schematic for the D45

D45-75A J0650-2 Rev B (1).pdf

For the record I am not trying to achieve much, just trying to have some fun hotrodding a little.


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