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epic cf-4 magnets

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i recently bought a pair of epic cf-4's. they sound pretty good and all, but i have a question about the magnets on the woofers, they are very small, unlike any other klipsch magnet design i've seen. these are neodynium (sp) magnets i beleive. how is it that these are able to be so small (smaller than the bottom of a pop can) & the speakers have such a high power rating 1000+ peak. any info would be appreciated. also opinions on the epics. you dont hear about or see these too often. thanks.


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The power handling of a speaker is based on heat dissipation and mechanical limits. Neither of these are impacted by the use of high power neodymium magnets such as those on the Epic series (and a few other Klispch models). The power rating is real but remember, you can blow any speaker up with even a small amp. Run the amp past its clean power output limit and you are likely to have trouble. The 1000 watt rating is NOT a license to overdrive the amplifier.

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