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KLF-C7 amp setting...


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I am wondering...

1) I have a KLF-C7 speaker as a center speaker. The specs are: 75Hz-20kHz... Should I set the speaker to large or to small? My Denon AVR-3801 will cut frequency <80hz if I set the speaker to "small"...

2) My main speakers are speakers that support from 63hz-20khz, do you recommend me to set them as small or large?

Well, the third question is kind of similar to the two others smile.gif ...: You recommend to put a speaker at "large" setting when and same thing for the "small" setting! smile.gif

Thank you,


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Do you have a sub? If so, set them all to small and route all the bass to the sub. Otherwise, you need to have your mains set to large to get any kind of bass at all. I would set the center to small, in any case, though.

If you don't have a sub, get one. There is quite of bit of program material below 63hz that you will be missing without it.

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