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Can i get the System 6 with a KSW15 instead of KSW10?


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Depends on where you're buying it. My Friendly Neighborhood Klipsch Dealer allowed me to purchase the Ksw12 along with my System 6. Altogether, my life has been changed by this new sonic environment. BLISS Almost forgot to mention-it will, of course, change the price of the System.

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Klipsch does not pack the System 6 components together, but merely suggests the combo. The fronts, center and rears were designed as a system and should not be substituted. Choosing a sub is based on how big the room, how much bass you like and how deep & loud you want it to go.

Klipsch specs Maximu Output Level on their subs so you can make an intelligent choice rather than deciding based on driver diameter and power rating - specs which tell you little about how deep and how loud the sub will play.

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