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Heresy pair, sub wanted in/near Tampa Bay, FL area

Grateful Al

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I've run these Heresys through their paces with a wide variety of media and musical styles.

The speakers present a remarkably detailed three-dimensional sound stage.

In the classical composition Celestial Gate with the Orchestra of Flanders, I clearly hear clarinet valve clicking and other fine details. In Tom Petty's 'Breakdown,' the tube amp mildly distorted crunchy lead guitar was perfectly balanced by the silky smooth rhythm background and quick, punchy bass and kick drum. More will be revealed.

I am in heaven.

Thanks, Jim, for the magnificent deal and wonderfully friendly exchange.

it would be fun to compare a heresy 2 with a Heresy 1 -    ot even a heresy 3 - the ideal would be to have a set of each and see the differences

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