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Phasing the Belles


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Just received a beautifull set of Belles. I played my test CD and learned that they were out of phase. The base improved markedly after reversing one of the leads at the amp terminal. As the test CD ran it's course, I heard the 1K tone makes a "wavering" sound (not evenly smooth as in other speakers). I suspect that the previous owner did some ill wiring work and that some driver remains out of phase. How do I go about confirming if there is a problem? Is there a diagram/book available to check phasing? The speaker input on these Belles is straight to the AA crossover network. What improvements are available for Belles? I've been hooked on Klipsch since 79. Went from KG2s to Heresy II to Fortes.

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You may have to chase the wires to the woofer to confirm what may be out of phase. Check everything carefully. Each of the drivers have a red spot on the + terminal. The Type AA is a fairly simple network with no phasing tricks. + from the input terminals is plus through to each driver, even though the squawker runs through the autoformer.

Here is a copy of the schematic.



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Thank you. This diagram will keep me busy over the weekend and get me better aquainted with the Belles. I like their sound and will keep trying to learn more about them. Things like: 1)Is the type AA a "good" network? 2)What are the signs of speaker or crossover degradation? 3)Is the serial # an indicator of the year the speakers were made? 4)Why are there PWK logos instead of rectangular Klipsch tags? As I dig through this BB, more ??'s surface. These speakers are so addictive!

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