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ProMedia 2.1 Speaker and/or Sound Card Issue


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Hi All. . .



This is my first post.


I own ProMedia 2.1 speakers and subwoofer and have them connected to my laptop.  Great sound!


Recently moved to a new location.  When I reconnected ProMedia 2.1, the L channel out from the subwoofer (which of course connects to the L speaker) does not work.  I've tried reversing the L and R connections and have isolated the issue to the L channel out from the subwoofer.


Anyone have an idea on how to resolve the issue.  I contacted Klipsch and they suggested a new sound card to be installed in the subwoofer.  Problem is, it's $85. . .kind of a lot of money for me.  If the sound card is the issue, 1) does anyone know where I can get a compatible or less expensive sound card that can restore sound to both of these excellent speakers (and the subwoofer), and 2) anyone know if replacing the sound card is difficult. . .or where I could get instructions on this?


Thank you for answering either or both of these questions.  Much appreciated.



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Hi Mark and welcome to the Klipsch forums!  May your time here be fun and fruitful.


I've owned a set of Promedia 2.1 speakers (connected to a PC) for about a dozen years and have only ever had to deal with one issue: a dirty or "scratchy" volume control on the pod slung under the "master" satellite speaker.  My solution?  Set the volume to a reasonable level and leave it alone.  Make all fine adjustments from the volume control (speaker icon) on the PC desktop start bar.


Your problem seems a bit more serious.  I agree that $85 is prohibitively expensive for a repair to a speaker system that, at most, costs roughly $160 new.


What I would do if I were in your situation: I'd scour all the usual places (eBay, Craig's List, pawnshops, classifieds, Penny Saver, garage sales, etc) and try to score a second set of Promedia 2.1s.  If there were parts missing or non-functional EVEN BETTER!  All I would need is a functioning subwoofer module.  Then I would cannibalize the two sets to build one functioning system.


This sounds a bit crazy, I'll admit, but I just took a glance at eBay and PM2.1 subs (just the subwoofer) are selling anywhere from $30 up to $80.  And there are quite a few available at the moment. 


Sorry that there's no better "technical" answer to your situation but let's be honest: these speakers are at the absolute bottom of Klipsch's product line, are manufactured in China, and have neither the finest parts quality nor the best quality control.  They are cheap but they sound fantastic (like all Klipsch products).  That's why we love them.


Good luck!

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