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WTB: RS52s, RS62s, RS42s, RP250s (1 or 2 pair)


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I currently have 2 home theaters and am looking to make some upgrades in both.


In the main room I have a 7.1 setup with Reference fronts, bookshelf speakers mounted as surrounds and bookshelves in the back.  I am looking to replace the side surrounds with either RS52s, RS62s or RP250s.


In a second theater I have, I am replacing a Bxxx system (!). It sucks (the Bxxx) and I know it.  There I am going to use the bookshelves from the side surrounds in the main room as fronts (at least to start), and would like RS52s or RS42s....or potentially a great deal on some RS35s.   


With the right deal/opportunity I would even consider replacing the back surrounds in the main room, or get a 2nd set for the second theater.  I guess it all depends upon what someone has and is looking to move.


If you also have a matching center with your surrounds, please feel free to make an offer including that center.  I could possibly replace the center in the Bxxx theater.  


I'm located in Chicago.


If you have item(s) to potentially sell, please note I don't require perfect condition, original boxes, that they be a certain model i.e. don't mind IVs or IIs etc.  A good, fair deal is what I'm looking for and great sound.  Scratches, a dent or the like is OK, but good working condition is of course important.  


If you have something to sell or know someone who does, the favor would be appreciated!


 --  Roboklipsch


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