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Time to go shopping!!


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Wife away for the weekend. Baby in the safe care of our daily help. Tony, my fellow audiophile and great mate free for the day.

All a recipe for vinyl shopping!

So we found another excellent source of vinyl and I picked up 18 titles over the weekend. 6 or 7 of these were audiophile, 180 gramme affairs (including Brubeck's take five, THELONIUS MONK/STRAIGHT, NO CHASER (which I also have on SACD - an interesting comparison in the making if I can find a spare player!!) and a fabulous blue note which humbly describes itself as "the best Jazz since 1939!"...)

Aside from the Jazz audiophile records I found, to my amazement, a copy of Stevie Ray Vaughan's In step - on 180 Gramme, another copy of one of the early Bob Dylan and Buddy Guy again both on 180 gramme.

Anyway all of the above came to $220. All were new, original and sealed. Not the steal some boast of but still a bargain and a half in my book (i.e. cheaper than the equivalent collection on CD).

Amongst the other titles on normal vinyl were: Stevie Ray Vaughan live (double album), Marvin Gaye's What's going on, a Kate Bush album (a personal memory of mine), Janice Joplin Live, Barry White, ELO's Greatest hits, U2's Boy and a whole host of others...

Now all I have to go is intercept the credit card statement and I am fine.


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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I am envious too!!! Where do you manage to get such a variety of vinyl (and apparently for less than the insane prices demanded over here!)?




1973 Khorns with ALK crossovers

REL Stadium II sub

Cayin 743 D integrated tube amp (utilizing 300B tubes)

McIntosh MR 77

McIntosh MCD 7007

Thorens 520S

SME 3012-R

Ortofon SPU Classic GM E

Cyrus aEQ 7 phono stage with PSX-R power supply

Yamaha CDR-HD 1000 CD Recorder

Alternative amps:

McIntosh MC 2105

McIntosh C29

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Inspired by your successful vinyl shopping safari, I could not pass one of the semi-local record stores while on another errand. Unfortunately the store is a suburban location of a small chain called Rasputin's, which has a much better selection of new and used LPs in their larger Berkeley store. Well, "the luck of max" was with me and from their meager stock I was able to walk out with 2 LPs and one CD. One of the LPs is used, but with excellent performing artists, titled "5 Birds and a Monk". Five Charlie Parker compositions and one by Monk, each played by a different saxophonist. Art Pepper, John Klemmer, Harold Land, Joe Farrell, Johnny Griffin, Joe Henderson. $5.95. The bargain of the day was an unopened 180 gram version of "Mingus Ah Um" by Charlie Mingus. I already own the original LP, but for $9.95 this was a no brainer purchase. Throw in the CD of Joe Henderson's classic Blue Note release "Mode for Joe" and I was good to go. I've been playing my vinyl collection so much lately, I needed a CD to remind me how much I enjoy the Rega Planet CDP. I never would have seen a $9.95 price on the 180 gram "Mingus" vinyl at their Berkeley store, so Max, thank you for the inspiration. Besides, stimulating the US economy is the patriotic thing to do right!

Klipsch out.

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