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  1. BUT - if you are into classical music - what about performances from the past? - I mean there are recordings of great artist around that were recorded - yes, even in days of mono 😀 - hence I don't think traditional CD players are obsolete - but you might want to mod a bit (for example transformer output rather than the usual opamp stage).
  2. Absolutely - I am using an old Nakamichi CD player and with a few mods it sounds just wonderful.
  3. I still have a few tube amps around (and use them occasionally) but today my main amp is a TPA3255 Class-d amp (a bit modded) and I am very happy indeed - and bearing in mind costs - I think Class-d is a no-brainer.
  4. The transformer I use are Lundahl LL1540 - all you need to do is - the following decription I got from a fellow diyaudio member: If you want to bypass these blocking capacitors (as I will be doing), you must solder your own wires to the appropriate points on the underside of the board: LEFT + input - the negative side of C17 LEFT - input - the negative side of C28 RIGHT + input - the negative side of C55 RIGHT - input - the negative side of C63 To make this work the caps mentioned above need to be removed though. Hope that helps.
  5. Looking forward to your full range impressions. May I ask what you will be comparing them too?
  6. I used the TA3020 for a while - I liked it - but to my ears the TPA3255 is a lot more musical.
  7. Mike, that is exactly what I did - I bypassed the input section completely (opamps, caps etc.) - so the signal goes from the transformer diretly into the chip - actually the 10uF input caps need to be removed to get this working - to my ears a very posive mod indeed.
  8. Quite a few threads exist at diyaudio.com (search for TPA3255) - the strange thing - though - is that nobody seems to have posted about this input transformer mod (myself included) as there seems to be little interest and even some form of hosility expressed by so-called "experts" (which was different with previous class-d boards). Anyway, I received a p.m. and implemented it a while ago and not only did it not destroy the amp, but make it even more musical. The different coild were just the icing on the cake - making the tone even more "rounded" - sorry for the audio speak - but it is hard to put into words. I got my boards directly from TI when their promotion scheme was operative (which it seems to be from time to time).
  9. Welcome back - I have been in exile for many years myself and - I admit - I spend much less time here than I used to - but Klipsch and the forum remain a part of my life - weird but true.
  10. And this TI amp gets even better if you replace the input section with transformers - not a difficult mod once one knows how to do that - and install better coils. It is absulutely stunning - even if it was way more expensive.
  11. Makes sense - thanks a lot for your response.
  12. I have heard of this backwards firing tweeter before, but never tried it myself. Out of curiosity - why did you invert their phase (I guess by connecting red to - and black to +?)?
  13. Looking at the forum statistics I seemed to be having my Khorns since the late 20th. century - wow, make me feel kinda old. Anyway, since then I replaced the original crossover, tweeter, mid-driver and mid horns - and I thought I had been done experimenting - well, I was wrong. Looking at pictures of horn speakers on the net I had always liked to look of multicell horns - and there used to be a few people around here who had posted about their experiences using them on top of the Khorn bass bin. At the time funds wouldn't permit such experiments and I was really content with the combination of Altec 511 and (eventually) 808 driver - but those multicells kept calling. Latetly I was contemplating of having myself made a wooden replica of one of those large Altecs when I noticed on a local website that somebody was selling a tiny pair of Mantary MRII horns (for a fraction of the price) - yes, the small 564 - and, having read a bit more about those, I decided to have a go - planning to used my trusted 808 with them (and if I didn't like them I could still go multicell later). But wait, the horns were built for a larger driver so why not see what is available locally. As luck would have it a pair of 291-16K was offered for a fair price (at least from a German perspective) so I decided to go all the way and try a new mid section. I didn't know what to expect, but the result has totally blown my mind. Normally I like to hang on to audio gear (after all one never knows if one doesn't want to go back to some previous gear) but it became clear straight away that all the small format drivers, horns will have to go - not only to finance the new purchases, but because soundwise there is - to my ears - absolutely no contest. Everything my horns did before they now do so much better - bigger soundstage, truer "colours", a lot smoother mids. I just cannot stop listening to music - bad, because the new working week is going to start far too soon. Now all I would like to try is a wider Mantary horn - hence my posting in the garage sale section. Otherwise I am a very impressed camper - though wait, another tweeter is on the way as well - but that is going to be a differnt story.
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