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  1. I couldn't agree more - personally I discovered those Altec horns by accident - a small MRII 564 came first - and instantly replaced the 511 - then I upgraded to a 594 - and now I am the happy user of the 945A - but not on a Klipsch bass bin anymore - as my living room does not have two proper corners.
  2. Well, let's put it that way.....after having gone down that route....I sold all my small format drivers (Klipsch, JBL, Altec)...but of course YMMV. And yes, I am talking two way here....
  3. Have you considered large format Altec drivers?
  4. Sometimes occasions turn up a lot faster than expected - found myself a brand new Pontus - pre-owned but never used - and I am totally floored. Certainly the best digital source I have heard so far. The first impressions: the differences to the smaller Ares (first model) - similar tonalty but larger presentation of everything, more space between instruments/performers and a bass to die for - punchy, deep, tuneful - guys, I am a very happy camper indeed - and recommend those Denafrips DACs (even the Ares) most highly!
  5. Of course I am late to the party, but since I bought a second-hand Ares I my digital quest is (almost) over - it is cerainly the least digital sounding digital source that I have owned so far - so why "almost"? Because the Ares simply tempts to upgrade - so one more "step up the ladder" it is going to be (hopefully soon) - thus the Pontus should be my next audio purchase.
  6. Looking great - though I still think - no, my ears told me - that those original ceramic input caps right before the chip-----well, they do not sound particularly good......
  7. Came across my first Klipsch by accident. I was selling a Marantz 8b (didn't really appreciate it at the time because I was too young and inexperienced) and before the buyer left we were talking about the gear he owned. He mentioned a pair of horn speakers and all I "knew" was what I had read - horn spekers colour too much. Well, I asked if I could visit him and listen to those horns. A few days later I saw my previous Marantz connected to a pair of LaScalas. I shall never forget the first music I listend to: a Bernstein recording of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony (on DG). I was stunned - never had I heard music like this before - totally removed from speakers and (to my ears) certainly not coloured (meaning distorted in a way that sounded unnatural). Obviously many different tunes (of different styles) followed and I drove away knowing that this was the sound I wanted to have at home as well. Turned out that this gentleman had a pair of Khorns in the basement as they wouldn't play well in his small living room. Guess who bought them - for his even smaller living room (at the time) - then I joined this forum and my real audio education/journey began - the rest is history (as they say).
  8. Pretty indeed but far too many Mundorf caps for my liking (or rather my ear's) . Cheers, Wolfram
  9. Hi MicroMara, we should be close as I am in Ratingen - I order Miflex caps here: https://www.tme.eu/en/ Cheers, Wolfram
  10. My latest discovery - Miflex caps from Poland - combine the cheap polypropylene caps with a copper-poly-paper bypass - excellent clarity, great tone for a reasonable price (and if hard pressed financially just use the polypropylene) - personall I prefer those to any Mundorf (I find all of them peaky) or Clarity Cap CSA (for example - or a variety of Russian types). Cheers, Wolfram
  11. Absolutely - though I prefer my current setup to the 511/small format Altec driver which used before. Cheers, Wolfram
  12. Cool - good luck with your project btw. Cheers, Wolfram
  13. WOW - very cool but unless you have the skill, work place etc......so sadly definitely not for me - plus I wonder, do these enclose Khorns really perform like the traditional open ones (I guess this has been covered somewhere but....)? Cheers, Wolfram
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