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Promedia Ultra 5.1 range capacity


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Can anyone here help me find some information on the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 computer speakers/sub?  I am curious what room capacity is it able to fill with sound if I was to consider using this set for a small reception style gathering.  I have the dimensions (including height) of the rooms that are in question but does anyone know off hand the area (or better yet volume) of room (assume rectangular shape) that this speaker set can fill? 



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I wouldn't want to attempt this because this is a personal speaker system, intended for use at a computer to fill the immediate space in front of the monitor. The ProMedia 2.1 and 5.1 systems can be hurt if you try to fill an entire room for extended periods of times, especially if it's to be used as the source of music for a party.


Now of course, if you just want to have this thing quietly playing music in the background to fill silent moments, then that's fine - it can do that no problem because the system can get quite loud.


I would expect it to be able to fill a large bedroom quite easily (like maybe 15 feet by 15 feet?), but just keep in mind it's intended to be used while sitting at a computer. So, I think you can do it, but go easy on it.


I'm curious: how big is this room and how many people will be in it? Also, how loud do you want the music to be?


Also keep in mind that the sound can be quite bad if the satellites aren't pointed right at your ears.

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