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Anthem MRX 1120


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Did you get the 1120?


I have it. I presently run a 7.2.4 setup.

RF 82's, RC 62

4 RS 42II's

4 CDT 5800II's

2 Paradigm Monitor 12 subs.


I will soon go with 3 RF 7 III's for LCR and I wonder how that will all pair with the 1120.


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I have the MRX 720 (I know you're specifically inquiring about the 1120), however, I can attest that with the same speakers in my HT (RF-7II, RC-64II, 4xRS-62II) it has not problems with output solely on its own without a separate amp.  Now, when I pull the trigger on in-ceilings for Atmos (4 x CDT-5800) I will be purchasing a Monolith 7 because the 720 can't power more than 7 channels.  The 1120 can though and from research it sounds as though it has no trouble keeping up either if running same/similar Klipsch speakers.

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