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R-15PM DAC specs + Subwoofer

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Hi everyone,

I'm interested in upgrading my system to R-15PM monitors with a small sub.

I would like to listen to high-res audio-files mainly through my Computer/the R-15PM's integrated DAC but I can't find any information on what the dac is capable of.

As the speakers will be placed in a small room, I wonder whether the R-10SW is big enough as a sub or if the R-12SW is a very big step up.

Thanks in advance for your answers,



TL;DR: What are the specs of the R-15PM's DAC? How big is the difference between R-10 and R12 subs?

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The USB DAC inside the R-15PM advertises itself as 2-channel 24bit 96kHz capable to my Mac, according to AudioMidi.  I'm not sure on the sub question but the R12-SW is on sale for less than the R10-SW at Crutchfield right now.

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Thank you!

According to Crutchfield the DAC is indeed 24bit/96kHz on usb as well as optical. Sadly I can't make use of the sub deal on crutchfield, as I live in Germany.

Do you have any experience with the R-15PM's integrated preamp? Is it comparable to those in entry/mid-level turntables?

Also the general consensus seems to be that they sound slightly clearer, but otherwise simmilar to Audioengines A5+. Can you confirm that?

Are the R-15PM suitable for near-field listening?

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I mostly have them on the floor of my small office (with Audioengine's wedges to angle them up) and play music via Bluetooth.  They support aptx.  I also use the line-in occasionally but not with a turntable, so I have no experience there.  They sound excellent to me - especially for their size.  Here's a good review on CNET comparing them to the A5+  https://www.cnet.com/products/klipsch-reference-premiere-r-15pm/review/#p=klipsch-reference-premiere-r-15pm-klr15pm/

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I am currently waiting on Klipsch to reach back out to me on my service ticket as my computers no longer show the USB port on the Klipsch.  I own a MacBook Pro 2012 15" non Retina ( still Unibody) and I have learned this Mac doesn't support hi res audio at all, it was 2013 models that they started supporting hi res, so it looks like if my USB is working I would be able to support playing 24/96 correct?


Now lets say they are unable to repair my speakers, I know there is a digital input's and again my computer doesn't have any digital outs in that era.   So what kind of recommended device could I do between my 2012 MacBook and these speakers to produce higher bit rate sampling sound?  Not looking to break the bank here.  But I need to be prepared for options depending how Klipsch handles the claim.





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