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Trouble Connecting R-14 Speakers to Harmon Kardon 3490 Amp


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I could really use some help!

I previous used Tannoy powered studio monitors in my Harmon Kardon 3490 connected by XLR to Male RCA cables. I plugged them into the AUDIO Pre-Out. 




Now I'm hoping to replace them with these Klipsch R-14s, but I cannot for the life of me get the passive signal to work. I used 16-gauge wire, stripped, twisted, and connected to the twists in Speaker 1 section, but nothing. I triple checked connections and polarity, tried banana plugs and everything, but no dice. 


Do they need to be connected to the PRE Out with a 16 gauge open stereo wire to RCA male? Is there such a wire?

I'm so confused!




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If you previously connected your speakers to the PRE OUT jacks in the audio section of the photo above and now you want to connect R-14's, here's what you do:


You have to install "jumpers from your PRE OUT to your MAIN IN jacks in the audio section. You can use standard RCA jack cables if you don't have the original bridging jumpers.


Connect The WHITE jack to the WHITE jack, and RED to RED.


See PAGE 7 of THIS MANUAL, items 13 and 15.


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