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RP-250C or RP-440C


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I just bought a pair of RP-280Fs (which I love) and am looking foor some input on a new center channel speaker. The new speaker will be located on top of a Salamander SB-402 cabinet, which is 23.25" wide. Staying within the RP line, the RP-250C would fit with room to spare, while the RP-440C would hang over by a little over an inch on both sides. The RP-450C would hang over too much, so it's out of consideration. Can anyone compare the RP-250C and the RP-440C? The RP-250C would be the best choice strictly based on size, but I could probably get away with the RP-440C if there's a significant advantage (but the wife might not be entirely thrilled). The room is approx. 21'X12' with the main seating approx. 15' from the TV & speakers. Thanks for any input you can offer.

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