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Another Busted Rubber Story


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The EOT is just like any other movies.  It has a one or two scenes that grade the rest of the movies.  Itis an OK film at best.  I will never shy away from a  movies.  If the system can't play any movie at reference, then I don't have a reference system.  The system should handle a bit more than reference there should not be any discussion of a movie.  The problem here was one on eight subs could have been glued down better.


My system was design to be a reference system, no more, no less.  As a reference system, it is not suppose to blow subwoofers, amp or any components at reference level.  So, 0 MV should be something the system is calibrated to handle.  Reference level does not mean un-godly loud.  It is just a THX criteria for HT.


We are all proud of our system but, can you meet the THX standards without making excuses.  I don't mean this in a bad way but, it is quiet hard to achieve.  Even with our high sensitivity speakers. THX HT require some extra effort.

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