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Atmos Reccomendations


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I just got a atoms capable receiver.  BB had 40% off closeout on the Yamaha RX-A1060.  It does 5.2.2....I am only using 1 sub.


I have set up the receiver pretty easy since my last one was Yamaha also and only a few years old.


I was expecting the atmos sound to be more pronounced or discrete.  I have the levels on the ceiling speakers turned up pretty good.  I think they contribute to the overall presence pretty well but I have not noticed much "discrete" sound on a couple of movies so far.


Anyone have experience with the Atmos setup and can recommend any movies / scenes with a really good example of the sound potential?



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I have found actual movie soundtracks are more subtle mostly adding more height presence with occasional discrete sounds from overhead.  The best way to see what Atmos can do is with one of the Atmos demo discs.  You can try and find one to download via a torrent and burn to disc or there are some sites that have some individual atmos demos to download (see below) as long as you have a way to play them and bitstream to your AVR.  You can also find the demo discs on ebay.  My favorite demos for height effects are 747 flyover, rainstorm, helicopter but those only seem available on the disc.



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