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Klipsch Groove Pairing

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I am having problems pairing my Groove with my Lenovo Yoga Laptop (which is only 9 months old).  I had it paired at one point but it no longer will pair.  I have tried doing the factory reset. Sometimes the computer recognizes the Groove but other times it will not.  Sometimes when it says it is paired the sound is still coming out of the computer speakers not the Groove.  Earlier this year it was working fine.  I have heard that Groove will only save 2 devices to pair with and if you want to pair it with something different you have to do the factory reset first to erase the current pairings.  I have not been able to confirm this with Klipsch however.


I love the speaker.  It has a rich sound that is much better than many of the bluetooth speakers that I have heard.


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


Chuck Fredrick

Durango, CO

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