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Amplifier advice, please...

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Good afternoon, everyone,

I just built a set of custom cornscalas. They are 2 piece cabinets with a sort of truncated ellipse design (curved wall cabinets).

The top sections have Eliptrac 400 horns with a Community M200, and an eliptrac HF with a B&C DE-120.

My current setup is running them active through a DBX Driverack PA2+ Crossover/DSP from my Denon AVR-4200, and into a Crown XLS 1502 for the bass, and the mids and highs are each driven by Carver PM-175s. I've added Solid State Relays to the Carvers for 12V trigger. I have a second Crown 1502, so I'm wondering if there would be any benefit to adding another Crown to drive all (6) channels with the same type of amplifier (class D) or finding another Carver to match, or even selling all 4 and buying a different amp? What would any of you suggest?

I'm not looking to spend a buttload of money for a boutique amp, but I do like the raw power of the pro amps in order to have plenty of headroom. The way my current setup is dialed in, there's absolutely zero strain and nothing gets hot, and it will still make you blink with a snare drum at less than half volume :)

Lay it on me.

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