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R-26 towers ideas on placement?

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Hello everyone, new to this forum and new to Klipsch loudspeakers. I had a house fire few months back and lost a whole 8x10 room filled with different speakers.

When it came time to start replacing some of them, I was looking for an affordable set of towers for my Mains.. I auditioned a half of a dozen pairs or so, and finally decided on a point price.

I chose the Klipsch Reference R-26 towers. I thought the surface area of the dual 6-1/2 woofers, would be a nice compromise to avoid  a subwoofer.

I have fast become a fan of the compression driven horns, clarity and detail are superb. However having said that, the low end roll off at about 50hertz or so is disappointing.

I have tried moving them away from wall or back toward them, tried removing furniture close to the towers. None of these had remedied the problem, the R-26 claims frequency response down to 38 hertz. With this low end roll off, there seems to be a "hole" with some bass notes. An example of a song with the roll off is YYZ by Rush, my other speakers seem to bring these bass notes out where they seen to be lacking with the R-26 towers.

if there are any ideas floating around about placement ideas, maybe I am missing something. The other thing I have noticed is, the speakers seem to love other genre's of music, R+B. Rap, Classical, all sound decent, but I am a HUGE fan of Progressive Rock and it seems the towers rock the house, but the roll off is nerve racking.

Any suggestions out there would be highly appreciated. 

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