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Will adding an opportunity 205 to system be better than upgrading front speakers?


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I want to upgrade my stereo and have read great things about oppo bluray 205 players. I listen to 2000+ cds and have been told this would work better for music. I had thought of upgrading the front speakers, but the Rf7s are too large. I have a Marantz 7007 receiver with an Emotiva Xpa3 amp for the front 3 speakers. I have reference matched set of, Rf82,Rc62, Rs53 and a 350 watt rxd12 sub. I don't play the music very loud but like a warm sound. I thought of getting Ohm Walsh 2000 front speakers as the Klipsch speakers that are better than the rf82s are too big. Does anyone have any thoughts. The main use of the system is home theatre .

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The RF-82 HT system is a very well received setup that can sound wonderful for HT and music.  The Oppo universal players, starting with the first "audiophile" model BDP-83SE and ending with the UDP-205, are highly regarded for their quality stereo and multichannel music playback.  Adding one of these, specifically the 205, may add a more refined sound to your already very respectable system.  The DACs in your Marantz 7007 are of good quality so if you want to improve on that for music, you will need to let the Oppo do the D/A converting.


I am very pleased with my Oppo 105 for everything it does.  I can't say decidedly that it sounds "better" than the already great players that came before it, Cambridge Audio 751BD, NAD C542, Denon DCD-3520, but it sure has continued in with the good music quality.


What player are you using now for CD's?





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I bought the 203 before they ran out. The Ak 32 bit dac is better than the Ak24 bit sad in the Marantz 7007. Glad I got the pool. Idon't spoke to Oppo tech support and 2 different techs said other than the balanced stereo output the sabre dad was only 10% better in the 205 compared to the 203. Also just received a front set of Ohm Walsh 2000 speakers. The Rf7s weren't wife friendly.

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