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Disappointed with play-fi options

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I just purchased the three and was excited about their play-fi option to bring in multiple devices because I’m planning on building a bookshelf system in my kitchen that I want to link to it in another room.  I figured I’d just get the power gate as an amp but the reviews are horrible.  Then I thought I’d get the gate and hook it up to a regular amp.  Also horrible reviews.  Finally I figured I’d just get the sixes, but they are Bluetooth only?  Why would the “one” be Bluetooth only, the three have WiFi and Bluetooth, then “the sixes” be back to just Bluetooth?!


im thinking about literally Hooking up a Bluesound or sonos attachment to my “three” and just skipping the “play-fi” thing altogether.


has anyone been successful with multiroom play-fi using klipsch brand products?

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Yes, I've been successful in setting up multi-room Play-Fi using Klipsch products.


Right now, my setup has The Three in the living room, and I have an old receiver in the dining room driving a pair of Quintets with a Klipsch Gate connected to the receiver. The only caveat on this setup is that if you don't have a tape monitor loop or some kind of pre-amp in/out on your system (I have a tape monitor loop on my receiver), you won't be able to use the stereo's signal as an input to Play-Fi and also play it synchronized through your stereo's speakers at the same time. Because if you just run a line out to the Gate's line in, your audio will play in real-time on your stereo system's speakers, but there will be a network delay till it gets through Play-Fi to your Three. You need some way to get the synced Play-Fi signal back into the source stereo from the Gate's line out (which the tape monitor lets you do). Using a PowerGate would get you around this, since presumably the speaker outputs are always synced up with Play-Fi.


My end goal is to have The Three in the living room and a mini stereo system in the dining room that can play synced multi-room music (and ideally also able to manage it all with Amazon Alexa).  I'm probably going to have to wait and see if any new mini-systems next year come with both Play-Fi and Alexa support built in.


As you said, too bad The Sixes aren't Play-Fi as something like that with Play-Fi would be another option for me - even better if they didn't need the wire between left/right speakers.


That said, I'm pretty happy with Play-Fi so far, assuming they keep on improving it. All the multi-room alternatives at this point seem to leave you stuck with single-vendor solutions, and I'd prefer to not support companies that force you down that road.


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I’m looking for an update on this. From what I can tell, Klipsch has added Play-fi capability to The Sixes in the latest iteration. Can someone confirm if this is true? And if so, which year this began? 

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