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Klipsch new 620’s


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Hi I’m a newbie to this forum. I am currently using a pair of nht super one xu’s paired with a 12” velodyne sub powered by an onkyo 8140 with 80 watts per channel. I’m thinking of replacing the nht’s with The new 610’s. 

I also have a Rotel receiver and Rotel power amp rated at 133 watts p channel with a pair of bowers and Wilkins floor standing speaker and bw sub. 

Are the 610’s a good choice for 2 channel? I was originally looking at the rf24

any help would be appreciated 


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First, let's consider the speakers you mentioned.  The 620 would be my choice over the 610.  I don't know your budget but, jumping up to the RP line would be nice.  I know it is more money but, if you can save the extra money over the next couple of months, it can be a nice X-mas present.

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The 620 is 2db more efficient,  handles a little more power,  and it's 3" taller, so the speaker gets up closer to ear level.   If you're used to using B&W speakers in one of your setups I think you might appreciate and notice the improvements stepping up to the Reference Premiere line.  

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