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90x40 - 11.5" x 11.5" x 10" 1" screw on Horn sets to good home

moray james

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Guys my diy project list has changed and I have some horn sets that need a good home. These are brand new in box 11.5" (listened to but never built up/used otherwise) square with 1 inch one inch screw on mount constant radiation horns both 90x40 dispersion horns.

   One set is a Dayton#H110  these are thick glass filled polycarbonate the second pair are Pyle Pro Series PH12S and these are thick ABS resin also one inch screw on mount.

   Both sets are available free no charge local pick up only to a builder in my area. These wide band horns are suitable to make either an excellent mid horn in a three way or better yet a two way version of a Heresy, Forte or even a Chorus. If you are interested send me a PM. I listened to both designs (they are virtually identical) and they sound the same and I could not detect a difference between the two sets of horns. I tested them on my CF3 set up and also in a Heresy set up where I much preferred them to the K701 I compare them to as they have a much lower cutoff and they hold polar patterns to a lower frequency. As a two way you will of course need to use a wide band one inch driver. I have several sets of Klipsch K52 drivers if anybody wants any very good mid drives to fit these. Those would not be free but I am sure we could work something out. I only have so much storage available and need to thin out the herd so lend me a hand.

Location calgary alberta canada

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