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Hi-Res Source via Tidal


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I’m just wanting to figure out what my Cambridge CXA60 is outputting as a final file. I want to ensure that I get everything out of Tidal HIFI that I can. I just installed a Chromecast Audio last night. I read directly from Cambridge Audio that they are not supporting MQA. Here is current snapshot of what’s playing now. 

Mainly I want to know if I’m streaming higher than CD quality. It sounds amazing. 


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55 minutes ago, pbphoto said:

Are you plugged into the aux-input on the front of your CXA60 with a 3.5mm cable from the Chromecast Audio?

Or are you using an optical cable from the Chromecast Audio to a Toslink input on the back of the CXA60?

Using the toslink optical

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Yes, then you are good.  Just make sure that the DSP volume on the CA is at 100% and it is supposed to pass 96/24 bit perfect to your CXA60.  The Roon Path shows 48/24 MQA embedded FLAC coming from Tidal which gets unfolded by your Roon Core to 96/24 and sent on to your CA and DAC.  I'm assuming in the CA device setup in Roon it says 'no MQA capabilities' and your Roon DSP engine is disabled and/or set to 'for compatibility only.'  As an experiment, in Roon, click on the 'versions' and play the non-MQA version of the same album to see if you can tell a difference.

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